Sunday, May 29, 2011

Exhausting Work

Exhausting work

Hi All,

Another one of the jobs on the "to do properly" list was the exhaust mounts.
The prior handy work of one of the local exhaust "specialists" DPO paid to do, needless to say I am not impressed.
After my work on the gearbox mount the exhaust started knocking against the body, I new the mounts were awful local attempts by the DP so they finally went last night.

The front mount is important on the MG as it stops ant movement up into the headers and them cracking (EXPENSIVE).

This is what was fitted, look carefully, keep looking.
No it's not there, but things like that don't surprise me now.
Finished, this is what it should looks like.


Middle there was at least something there, however not sure how a strip of asbestos helps as it wasn't even taught.
Again this is what is should be, nice rubber mounting with a U strap to take weight and prevent movement.
As the kit didn't have the actual strap this is the old rear mount re-used.


And talking about the rear this was what was there.
At least this one will not give you asbestosis.

But in order to help keep the clamp in place they had kindly tack welded the pipe clamp together.
Anyway BIG channel locks and it all came off okay.
All finished.

Hopefully this will make the whole thing secure and maybe even a bit quieter (on the vibration side).

I did also work out that it was a non standard 2" pipe and one of the boxes is missing, better air flow so one less thing to do if I want to fit a blower.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . Suspension straps and bump stops or gear box seal, not quite sure yet.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Its a COVER up !

Hi All,

Since I got the car she has been living under a locally bought cloth car cover, badly fitting, letting sand through and generally cheap and nasty.
All that has changed, I have just got a Air-Flow car cover, a cross between a air bubble and a drive in garage.

It has two filtered fans and and is air tight so keeps it dry and sand free. There are fixed tent poles that maintain the structure with the doors open.

What was fitted, hmm not nice !


Up and empty.

In she goes.
Sides also unzip to allow easy access.

All buttoned up and fans on.
Only problem is it not designed for outdoor use but we don't have the rain and the winds to worry about, but we do have the sun and heat so old car cover is on top but I will change that soon.

Makers site is here.

Richard B.

Next . . . . Moss have just delivered again so think exhaust mounts.