Friday, April 22, 2011

Gearbox Mounts

Hi All,

I noticed a while ago that the gearbox mounts were gone, not just bad but nearly gone as in absent.
DPO changed all the engine mounts but not these, why do 95% of the job !
Anyway new mounts were in the last package from Moss to time to fit.

This is what was there.

While it looks simple there are multiple parts so time for some witness marks to make re-assembly easier.

Then pull the cross member out.

The components just fell out and the beam was filled with years and years of dirt and oil.

Time to get out the parts washer (new toy) and it was really needed.

It all cleaned up nicely.

Lick of paint and all looks much better.

All together and put the witness marks back (not sure at this stage if i'll have to dismantle to fit).
Looks nice doesn't it.

All back in and tighten up. The Gearwrench Flex heads worth every penny ! the right tool for the job.

Finished, looking forward.

Looking aft.

All done.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . Either the temp warning light or some sound / heat insulation.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Famous, almost

Hi All,

Attended recent meeting of local car nuts organised by the CAR Middle east.
     Album HERE
We're famous, or at least got a magazine logo on a photo of us.

I'm going to blame the lack of shine in the paint from the damn great shamal blowing through !

Richard B.

Next . . . . . Gearbox mounts.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Service (p2) - AKA More why you change your hoses.

Hi All,

Last parts delivery was missing fuel filters, however they turned up today.
So okay quick job to add, but they clearly hadn't been changed in a while.

That's in itself isn't so bad but this is !!!

Okay not all the way through, but not far off.
So always change your "rubber" regularly.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . Gearbox mounts.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hi All,

Nothing exciting but still critical none the less SERVICE time.
Engine Oil, New filter and new oil cooler lines as age is unknown.

Unknown !!! Yes DPO again, hoses were showing signs of perishing. (The cut was me getting the f@#king hose off)

And who can resist a bit of bling with some nice braided hoses.

New Plugs, old ones not bad.

Don't seem to wet or dry about right ?

New Air filters as well, more bling (K&N) much nicer than the Leyland black horns.

Also gearbox and rear diff oil change. However as with a lot of gearboxes etc the filling point is a pain. So a trip to the garden center solved that, something to help filling, 5ltr weed killer sprayer.

Some 3/8 hose, brass pipe and jubilee clip.

And bingo diff and gbox filling easy.
Talking about help, I had some

Is three and half to young to start ?Daddy may have doomed her to a life of being an engineer.
p.s. My nice new boiler suits, well one of them, as expected is no longer white.

Richard B.

What next . . . . . Gearbox mounts, not difficult to see why !

Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Randomness - MG Boilersuit

Hi All,

I'm ruined more nice clothes than I care to remember while working with cars or other odd jobs.
So while waiting for my next parcel from Moss something else came in from Tripple-C.
This time some MG patches.
Two boiler suits from my favourite local supplier and after a bit of ironing and sewing some much more appropriate work wear.
Back  :  6" Red and White MG
Front Left  :  3" Red and White MG
Left shoulder  :  3" Union Jack
Right shoulder  :  3" Leyland Special Tuning patch.

Hope you like, but I'm sure I'll get some abuse from certain friend in Auz !

Richard B.

Next . . . Just got a pre-alert from the UPS man, yeah !

Friday, April 1, 2011

Key to it all

Hi All,

Okay waiting for parts from Moss so time to tackle a long niggle of mine.
The car has a battery isolator which is great but means I need a clip on my keyring to keep it. I did have a large clip thing and made my keys huge.

Recently saw a great solution on line so recent trip to the toy tool shop and a bit of fiddling :-

Can you tell what it is ? Here's a hint.

Yes its a 1/4 inch socket universal joint.

Open :-

Sorry for the non MG post but I like it and wanted to share the idea.

Richard B,

Next . . . . . . Moss delivers on Monday !