Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autocross pictures

Hi All,

As promised photos from the autocross. Hope you like them.
Thanks to all the guys at EVOLE for all there hard work.

Thanks to Motoring Middle East, Crank and PistonCult86, Laurie and Yorky's for the photos and video.

And now the boring nerdy bit, tire pressures and temperatures.

First run = 1:59.47
Cold, front 34, rear 28 psi.
FL 35psi 52c 43c 46c
FR 35psi 45c 42c 43c
RL 28psi 45c 46c 47c
RR 29psi 48c 46c 44c

Second run = 1:54.34
Down to warm, front 34, rear 26 psi.
FL 34.5psi 51c 44c 39c
FR 34.5psi 43c 40c 41c
RL 27psi 46c 45c 41c
RR 26.5psi 43c 43c 43c

Third run = 1:54.12
FL 34psi 49c 42c 40c
FR 34psi 41c 41c 42c
RL 26psi 47c 46c 43c
RR 26psi 43c 41c 45c

Fourth run = 1:49.87
FL 34psi 52c 43c 40c
FR 34psi 40c 41c 41c
RL 27psi 50c 51c 43c
RR 26.5psi 40c 43c 43c

Fifth run = 1:55.55
Down to warm, front 30, rear 22psi

Six run = 1:48.47
Up to warm, front 30, rear 24psi

Richard B.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Took the MG out for a blast today, a real blast.

The Evolve Fun Speed Run (Autocross).

Managed a very respectable FIRST in class.

Fastest Classis, 1:48, second in class was an MX5 (barely even a classic) and he did 1:59.
Will post more photos and all the times once they are published !

Richard B.