Monday, March 17, 2014

Welding - New toy

Hi All,

New toy in the garage.

Its a Miller diversion 180 tig welder. A 180 amp "simple" tig welder. Set the material and the amps then press the trigger and melt metal.

First job, a torch holder, big magnet and then a plastic dip.

Second job a welding table. A 1000 x 1000 x 5 mm mild steel plate with a series of holes water jet cut.

Some angle bar on the back to strengthen it an keep it flat.

And what were the holes for ? . . . . . . these, M16 nuts welded on the underside.

And why ? . . . . . . . . to enable clamps etc to screw in from the top side.

Next job. A new jack for the desert after my old ZJA chinamart died.

First a  new base, 3mm mild steel (more water jetting). The holes are for the linkages and to empty out sand.

Fully welded on the bottom, my welding is getting there.

Then a bolt on extension for lifting the high vehicles.

This is the top, a water cut disc with a thin ring welded on top.

Okay I forgot to take a photo before painting but the welding is getting their.

And for the super lifts :-)  actually this height is good for lifting from the chassis  rails.

Richard B.