Thursday, October 4, 2012

Running again !

Hi All,
FIXED ! got her running again. All thanks to a new ignition set up.
As was.

Original, maybe original 40 year old coil.

And the distributor with breaker points.

Well now, same looking, well nearly some new HT leads as well.

New coils, same 3 Ohm, just new as they do fail and I suspected the old one.

Some bits missing inside the distributor. Points removed and a new mounting on the advance plate.

A magnetic "hall effect" pick up to replace the breaker points.

Fitted with a new rotor arm.

So new; coil; "points", leads, rotor arm, distrubutor cover and sorted.

Just fine tuned the timing and the carbs and sorted.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . . Not sure, but I know I'm going to go for a drive !

Cutting it - aka Gasket making.

Hi All,
As part of the get her runing again I noticed a LOT of fuel in one of the carburetor throughts so had to take them off to check.


The float bowl off.

The float was set wrong so flooding the carb !

 And reset the nozzle height on the bridge.

As the carbs were off time to make some gaskets. These seal the carb to the spacer and to the cylinder head so you don;t get any vacuum leak.

Gasket sheets pennies for a large sheet.

If the part is already greasy, no problem. If not mark up the part with paint or a marker pen.

 Rub a piece of gasket sheet on part hard and the shape will transfer.

Then cut out and jobs done.
A fraction of the cost of buying and way more satisfying !

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . a package from Pertronix and a new ignition system.

The Sound of Slience

Sorry been queit here for a while, well the other women has been keeping me very busy, including a 24 hour endurance race in Spain where we finihsed 4th, (including a mid race engine change).

More info on the team site here.

The BMW is still in europe at the moment so time for some MG time soon.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . Sort the ignition and get her running again !