Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hi All,

SU carburettors are one of the staples of a British classic car.

I didn't give mine any TLC at the last MOT / emissions testing and got away with it, however, the car is developing a bit of a flat spot when pulling gently at around 2500 RPM.
So I thought the first place to look should be to clean the carbs.

Armed with a couple of spanners and a can of foaming carb cleaner off I went.

Pulled them off. Quite a build up of crud, you can see the marks on the piston.

Partially dismantled, took the needles out but not the float chamber off or the jet out.

Back together, looking nicer.

And back in. I also cleaned the heat shield underneath while they were off as well.

All back together, looks better but engine bay still needs a good clean with a toothbrush.

She seems okay, however, only time will tell if it was the problem or something more insidious.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . Hmm, maybe get a strobe and check the timing or a new rocker gasket and fit the polished cover at last.