Monday, October 14, 2013

Tick, tick, tick, , , , , NOT !

Went out for a drive, or tried to. Got in isolator off, ignition on and wait for tick tick as the float chambers filled but no tick tick from the fuel pump. This is not a new problem for MG's, although it is a first for us, so I applied the correct repair method and hit it !

This worked and thankfully tick tick, however, it also went squirt, and poured fuel all over the floor !

A crawl under the car showed it was time to overhaul the fuel pump.

Very messy, however, some of it is waxoil.

Diaphragm perished, but with the heat out here not a surprise.

Points awful !

Valves seemed okay.

Air chamber O ring seal perished.

But a overhaul kit from SU in the UK plus a bit of elbow grease and some hammerite and as good as new.

All working, a little slow motion clip of the points.

Richard B.

Next . . . . fit the pump, then maybe some bling under the bonnet.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Speedo SOLVED !!!

Hi All,

When I first bought the car the speedo was jumping, the DPH told me that it was the cable and he even had a spare which he gave me.

Well loyal readers (if there are any) you may recall I have changed the cable twice (the spare from the DPO was for a RHD car) and bought a new speedo.

The last attempt before replacing the gearbox drive pinion (which is NLS**) is to change the angle drive on the gearbox. This takes the output from the gearbox and turns is 90 deg to make the angle for the speedo cable softer.

Here it is (note the new cable from a previous attempt).

Hmm, something missing.

Here it is

Where ? Here :-

Its the male pin on the angle drive.
Old and new.

All fitted.

And . . . . . . . . . YES it works, I finally have a Speedo !

** NLS = No Longer Sold, and it means TROUBLE.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . Hmm, we'll see.

Speedo. . . . at last.

Sorry I forgot to post a finished photo so here you go . . . .

which was actually


I'm very pleased, even if it didn't solve the problem.

I even added a subtle 120 kph sticker which is the max speed limit here in Dubai, but it might just be wishful thinking.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . a new angle drive.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Genuine Milage . . . . . . HONEST


You may recall from earlier posts I changed the speedo cable and that didn't fix the problem so a job that has been on the to do list for ages is to replace the speedometer. Found the right model New Old Stock (NOS) on ebay in the states so time to change it out.

Tonight I pulled out the old one and had a play at resetting the odometer readings as I want to keep it consistent.

Old one in very sorry state.

Out and opened up.

Strip the dials.

And back together, lots of pieces, glad I practiced with the old one.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . New speedo as soon as it arrives and I then have to re-do it again but for real.

Fun in the sand.

Hi All,

Sorry for more non MG stuff but still lots of fun. I have just spent a week in the dunes of Liwa helping Newtrix racing as Chief Mechanic (actually only mechanic) in the 2013 Abu Dhabi desert challenge for 1300 km of desert racing.

The car is a Nissan Patrol with a LS2 V8 corvette engine fitted and it runs in the FIA T1 modified category.

 We had our share of problems, lack of spares limited the amount of repairs that could be done so Ian had the struggle on.

My work base for the week.

Sheared bottom front shock mount.
Burning HT leads at the rate of one a day.

 Rear body mounts to the chassis cracked.

 But it was all worth it in the end.

Completed, everyday with zero penalties and finished 16th overall and 2nd placed GCC entry which was an amazing result.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . I have just ordered a new speedo from the states so I will be cutting my hands to ribbons under the dashboard.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nuts and Bolts

Hi All,

One of the jobs that has been due for a long time is sorting out all my nuts and bolts. I have had a plastic sorting boxes for years but they have always laid on a shelf and not been as organised as I wanted. So a few sheets of plywood and a but of time with table saw and a router and sorted !.

So what is in them all.

Top shelf is for small assortment boxes :-
-          Circlips, Split pins, Rivet Nuts, ‘O’Rings, clevis pins, roll pins and springs.

Then in the boxes on the regular shelves one for each :-
-          Small screws and self tapping screws.
-          Large screws and raw plugs
-          Metric nuts and bolts M10 and bigger
-          Metric nuts and bolts M8 and smaller
-          Washers.
-          Imperial nuts and bolts.
-          Electrical bits, fuses, relays and heat shrink.
-          Electrical crimp terminals.
-          Hose clamps and air fittings.
-          Abrasive paper (in A4 folder).
-          Pop rivets and staples.
-          Plastic body clips.
-          Batteries.

These are the parts boxes I use. They are a bit flimsy but gluing in the orange removable dividers solved that problem.

The shelves are just screwed and glued into dado grooves I routed into the sides.

Castors to keep it mobile to take to the track.

An a lock, not that I don;t trust you but ......

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . . Not sure.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hi All,
As well the MGB I also help with the SVDP Racing team 120D.
We have just managed a stunning result. Winner of the Dubai 24 hours 2013, D1 class (37th overall out of a starting grid of 80).
Lots of hard work but a stunning result.
The drivers and car all ready before the off.
We had to do lots of work including an engine change during qualifying,  1 hour 45 minutes between pit in to pit out ! and  of course my tools came with me.
More photos etc will be avialible here :-