Friday, April 22, 2011

Gearbox Mounts

Hi All,

I noticed a while ago that the gearbox mounts were gone, not just bad but nearly gone as in absent.
DPO changed all the engine mounts but not these, why do 95% of the job !
Anyway new mounts were in the last package from Moss to time to fit.

This is what was there.

While it looks simple there are multiple parts so time for some witness marks to make re-assembly easier.

Then pull the cross member out.

The components just fell out and the beam was filled with years and years of dirt and oil.

Time to get out the parts washer (new toy) and it was really needed.

It all cleaned up nicely.

Lick of paint and all looks much better.

All together and put the witness marks back (not sure at this stage if i'll have to dismantle to fit).
Looks nice doesn't it.

All back in and tighten up. The Gearwrench Flex heads worth every penny ! the right tool for the job.

Finished, looking forward.

Looking aft.

All done.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . Either the temp warning light or some sound / heat insulation.


  1. is this with out overdrive

  2. Hi Jon,

    Yes it's a NON overdrive, 4 syncro (1971).

    Richard B.

  3. Hi Richard, i not change my gearbox mounts when swap my engine, its necessary pull down the gearbox to change the mounts, or this can be made without remove the gearbox ?

    You can see the progress of my car here :

    Regards from Spain !

  4. Hi Danny,

    I just kept the gear box in place, I supported the weight with a jack (and maybe lifted a fraction).

    The hardest part is getting the bolts back, some people even drill extra holes in the cross member to get access. I didn't drill the holes, however this is the link on from some that have.

    Also make sure you know how it all came apart as there are lots of different combinations.
    Check out the famous John Twist video.

    Keep up the good work,

    Richard B,