Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nuts and Bolts

Hi All,

One of the jobs that has been due for a long time is sorting out all my nuts and bolts. I have had a plastic sorting boxes for years but they have always laid on a shelf and not been as organised as I wanted. So a few sheets of plywood and a but of time with table saw and a router and sorted !.

So what is in them all.

Top shelf is for small assortment boxes :-
-          Circlips, Split pins, Rivet Nuts, ‘O’Rings, clevis pins, roll pins and springs.

Then in the boxes on the regular shelves one for each :-
-          Small screws and self tapping screws.
-          Large screws and raw plugs
-          Metric nuts and bolts M10 and bigger
-          Metric nuts and bolts M8 and smaller
-          Washers.
-          Imperial nuts and bolts.
-          Electrical bits, fuses, relays and heat shrink.
-          Electrical crimp terminals.
-          Hose clamps and air fittings.
-          Abrasive paper (in A4 folder).
-          Pop rivets and staples.
-          Plastic body clips.
-          Batteries.

These are the parts boxes I use. They are a bit flimsy but gluing in the orange removable dividers solved that problem.

The shelves are just screwed and glued into dado grooves I routed into the sides.

Castors to keep it mobile to take to the track.

An a lock, not that I don;t trust you but ......

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . . Not sure.

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