Monday, August 22, 2011

Rock on

HI All,

More on the rocker box cover, really to dump some photos so I can repost them around and get some advice (you'll see why).

Okay first, cover clearly was NOT flat which is not great for gasket to seal. MG's leak enough as it is so this needed sorting.

Step one, DIY surface plate.
Flat 25mm ply wood and spray glue.
Voila, "surface plate", well good enough for me.

Lots of water, dash of soap and a large helping of elbow grease.

No Prussian blue but a permanent marker is enough to give a guide coat.
Hmm not good !

 Okay nearly there now.

Bit more flatting and then on to the top and sides.
Normal coarse, medium, fine, super fine wet n dry and then a final polish.

Shiney Shiney - you can see me !

Not a bad result but want to keep it like that. Powder coating seemed to be the best option and I knew I would loose some of the shine but felt it would be okay. So off to the local (only) coaters and . . . .

ARGH !! gets worse

Every where

Problem is the old Aluminum is porous, any dirt and even air comes out of the casting during the heat of the powder coating oven, bubbles and contaminates the surface. I knew it was a poor quality casting but not porous as a sponge.
So out with the nasty chemicals and strip off all the powder coat, big question is now what ?
Just polish again and .... maybe just leave, maybe some car wax, maybe a clear 2 pack epoxy ?

Richard B.

Next . . . . some more polishing and then another big shop at Moss

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