Thursday, September 29, 2011

General Odd n Sods

Hi All,

Out in the "garage" last night, no photos but still very productive.

- Speedo Cable.
Got the correct one fitted, greased it up before fitting, spins nicely.
Fingers crossed it seems like the problem might be solved.
Speedo still bounces a bit but a lot lot less which I hear is "normal".

- Earth Cable.
The earth cable the gearbox was insulated with insulation tape in best back street practice and as normal this was unwinding and looked a mess. Out with some heat shrink tubing and heat gun and that tidied up nicely.

- Steering wheel.
Got the Mota Lita back, nice new Tourist Trophy boss and looks great.
No more peeling varnish and the TT horn cap has a much nicer MG logo than the ML sticker.
Also the horn works again now !
EDIT : Photos added.

- Jacking Plate.
After the recent radiator damage I has also got a sheet of 3mm steel plate that goes on the floor and means that jack has a nice smooth surface and can roll properly. Worked much better, jacking up to full height the jack rolls about a foot so can see why it is important.

That's if for now but weather is getting better and better for working.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . Floor sound insulation or maybe replace the dynamat in the bonnet but my Dad is coming out for a holiday so think he can help me with that.

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