Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Job - Bonnet Insulation

Hi All,

Time to replace the bonnet insulation, however, to do this best to remove the bonnet.
Handy timing my Dad was over from the UK so perfect for the two man job.

This is the poor state of the old lining, original sisal type material, falling off and generally cr4ppy.

Bonnet off, careful placement of wing guard and some cardboard.

Peel off the old stuff, and give it a scrap, extra help from the youngest daughter Bess.
Is one year to young to start working on cars ? NO !

Give it all a wash to get the dust off.
Me getting wet and my Dad supervising.

Going to use spray glue so mask it all off
Unlike when this was originally done, blindfolded perhaps ?

All looks good.

Fit the bonnet back, try, adjust, try, adjust, try, adjust etc..
All went back nicely in the end.
It is square, honest, the bonnet only has one stay so looks lop sided.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . . Rear diff seal, electrics or engine bay clean. Depends on parts and motivation I think.

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