Monday, November 14, 2011

Let there be light - Fuses and Relays

Hi All,

Another battle with the Prince of Darkness, the fuse box and lights / horn switching is one of the common failure points on the MG electrical system.
The fuse holder is weak and the clips corrode and loose tension and the large consumers (lights / horns / fan / wipers) are directly switch which is hard on the old switch gear.

Long time on list has been an upgrade, this means a change with more fused circuits, better fuses and relay switching for large consumers means brighter louder.
The common recommendation on the MG experience is to fit a Bits4Brits kit :-
So I got a parcel yesterday so out with the wire cutters last night.

This is what came.

Fuse box

Headlight / horn relay kit.

The old fuse box location.

Box itself.


See the state of the fuse box, most of these spades moved, let alone the corrosion.

Fairly simple plug and play.

All done !

Next the relay kit, sits adjacent to the horn.
A worrying rats nest of wires.

Yes, chock blocks and insulation tape, not a good sign but at least not just twisted together.

Bit more figuring out on this one, including the DPO bodge on the headlights which I fixed.

Also took me some time to figure out the horn was powered, not earth switched.

Got it all in and looks nice.

And proof !

I highly recomend these kits, great way to upgrade your wiring ! 

As always comments, questions and any other abuse welcome.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . Voltage stabiliser and then maybe re-wrap the loom to tidy up the wiring. 

Next onto the relay


  1. Is that bits4brits going to sell harnesses again? Do you have his email?

  2. Yes it is bits for brits, their website says they were going to move so not sure that is all sorted yet. Try posting on MG Experience as he hangs out there.