Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RANT - Car show, or NOT

Hi All,

Warning RANT coming.

Last year just after I got the car there was the annual car show but too late for me to enter, however this year I registered as soon as entries opened. I filled in all the forms etc and got the entry details a few days before the event.
Hmm it rains this time of year, so I sent them an email asking what was the plan and told no problem.
Turned up at the event tonight, lots of tents seems good.
Register and then got told to go and park out side !
Feck, no way I am leaving my car outside with the potential for rain, she is a car not a bathtub, so home I went.

Clear case of the normal organisational systems and not enough Wasta !
- Hard top and Wasta = Tent
- Convertible and no Wasta = Flooded car.

Welcome to the world of car shows !

Richard B.

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