Thursday, May 24, 2012

NACA Scoop

Hi All,

Well what have I been up to recently ? Still no time to play with the MG.

SVDP racing are going to enter the Bareclona 24 hours, so we are running round like mad trying to get a very long list of things done.
One of them is to fix the bonnet, a recent locking pin “incident” resulted in it flipping back going down the pit lane. As  a result some GRP work was required. As part of this one of the jobs that also needed doing on the bonnet was the NACA scoop, at the moment there is a horrid ABS plastic unit bolted with nutserts to the bonnet and sitting proud.

Well I thought I could do a lot better, so here we go.
This is the original scoop, it sits about 10mm proud at the front, hardly the streamlined and aerodynamic venturie it is supposed to be.

First step is to make a wooden mould (or buck) cover with bondo, multiple coats of paint, release wax and release agent.

Then lay on the carbon fibre. I used 200g 2-2 twil, four layers on the main part but only two on the flange to give the flange some flex to contour the bonnet properly.

Did I mention mould release ! hmm, yes I did use lots. I think the sides were too vertical for good part release, never mind.
A bit of clean up and here we are.

Not a bad finish.

Some balsa cross bracing on the back side,

190g and strong enough to stand on !

All I've got to do now is sand it, lacquer it and then fit it into the bonnet.
Richard B.

Next . . . . . do the rest of the work on the bonnet.

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