Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's the point - Points and Timing

Hi All,

Well continuing on trying to solve the problem, its time to do the distributor for points and timing.

Apparently the problem is here !

Hmm, a little TLC needed.

 This is her off.

a 25D 4

And the serial number in case needed later.

Not to bad but the DPO told me digital points had been fitted !
Hmm these definately aren't.
Gap was also way off.

Ahh but this is a problem the ground for the advance plate is not connected.

Mechanical advance all a bit crummy.

All in bits and time for the part washer.

Cleaning up nicely.

Testing the vacuum advance.


Under vacuum (it has moved, honest).

Points gapped and it looks better.

My way of marking the distributor cap. Simple and permenant.

All done.

Back on.

Setting the timing .

Then fire her up and . . . . . . . Run, race, stall, start, stall, splutter, start, not start.
Damn ! problem not solved, so on to the carbs next.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . Carbs again, this time properly not a quick and dirty blast with carb cleaner.

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  1. Tie that long hair back before rummaging in the engine bay! Especially if the motor's running.