Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mechanics seat modification

Hi All, Like a lot of people I have to live with my main tool box in the house and then work outside under the carport. I'd have loved a proper workstaion / trolley but don’t have the storage space. So in order to organise my ready use tools this is what I've done. Yes its another JXZ drangon mart toy. Added long M4 dome head bolts on side and bottom. Each side peg holds 1x normal and 1x flex head in each of my common sizes. Bottom holds same sizes in sockets and also larger for wheels. (I only work on one car so 6 sizes are 95% of the ones I need.) Other side has hooks for screw drivers and pry bar. Underneath also added a stick on LED light as I have to work at night so makes grabing toosl easier. Might add on a drinks holder for the summer and some bigger rubber castors if I see some. Cheers, Richard B. Next (or soon'ish) . . . . Will post a review on the superb Gearwrench flex head spanners hanging on the side of the seat.

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