Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Master Cylinder - BACK

Hi All, Courier arrived at long last ! New master cylinder here so time for fitting. New Cylinder. I don’t worry to much about replace/restore but in this case the old reservoir was okay, just dirty and yellowed. So a good clean, new seals and back on it went. Both master cylinders all mounted back into the pedal box. As she is a US spec car it is a dual circuit brake system, ie front and rear are independent. In modern / sensible cars this means two master cylinders but here it is the same, just two pistons in same cylinder ! Therefore when fitting back it is important to "bench bleed" them. The proper kit is some bungs, flexible hose and non return valves but I've not got one and they don’t grow on trees here. Necessity is the mother of invention so I made a some basic non return valves from the fingers of latex mechanics glove. Took a while but bleed through in the end, guess that means it was worth it. Box back in. Then pedals, feels better now. Cover back on, spanner work nearly finished. All re-assembled, then bleed the clutch and all four wheels bleed, 2 litres of DOT4 scraped. Many thanks to the wife for helping. Then re-adjust the rear shoes. And the hand brake. Now safely back on the road ! Cheers, Richard B. Next . . . . Cooling. Hoses, Thermostat and Temperature sensor.

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