Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are we sitting comfortably, then we'll begin - AKA SEATS

Hi All,

Prior owner had done a nice job for once, or so I thought, and got some lovely leather seat covers. Except he spent all the money on the covers and nothing on getting them fitted.

After for a while and being on the floor more than the seat sitting I decided to check the seat.
A quick look underneath showed all the suspension straps had gone !
So in the last box of goodies from Moss were some new seat suspensions, now it was time to fit them.

See what I mean, sitting on the floor.

Stripped out you can see the condition.

This is whats left of the suspension straps.

And these are the new ones, no wonder I was sitting on the floor.
New suspension straps fitted.

Seat foam and cover fitted back.

And secured back on. These should be metal "hog rings" but I couldn't find any and its not heavily strained as sitting down makes the covers looser so think it will be okay.

 Much higher.

Now we're sitting pretty.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . Steering wheel. I've got so much sanding to do I've run out of wet 'n dry !

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