Monday, March 28, 2011

Temperature Alarm - Engine Wathcdog TM2

Hi All,

More tinkering last night.
You may recall my concerns over temperature, well time for some High Tech.
It’s a digital temperature gauge an alarm. 

It's called an Engine Watchdog TM2, made by these guys.
   Phone: +61 7 3277 6770
  Fax: +61 7 3875 1732
Designed and made in Australia.
It originally came from the 4x4 market and being in Auz they take engine overheating very seriously, it can kill you in the outback !
It is ideal any 4x4, car, bike, boat etc that may be subject to high temperatures, very easy to fit and for 150 Auz$ its really worth the piece of mind.

This is how the kit looks, it comes with a cigar lighter plug but I cut that off and fitted the infamous Lucas bullets and the connected straight into my harness. They give you a nice circuit diagram so it is all easy to understand (installation guide here).

Got to use new toy as well, gas soldering iron, no cords needed !

The sensor is a simple thermo couple bonded (and calibrated) to a spade / lug that you slip under a suitable bolt on the engine.
I used one of the rocket box nuts (recommended) and this then transfers the heat by conduction.
It has the advantage of not needing water to transmit the heat, the sensor for my dash gauge (as are most) is in the coolant so if you loose coolant you can get false readings.

And here it all is tucked away in the glove box. I wanted it hidden to I can keep the original look but it has a big horn fitted that will alert me and I will also wire in a warning light but got to order that (that's why the siren is properly mounted yet).

I have changed the sensor location to on top ot the thermostat housing.

Aby questions leave a comment, email, shout etc..

Richard B.

Next . . . . Another big order to MOSS then new project list.

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