Monday, March 7, 2011

Hot or Not

Think she is okay ! phew.

Took my laser thermometer into the office for some lunch time test driving.

Warm up and idle, about 75 C so a few degrees cold by some opinions but very okay.
The thermostat is also opening nicely at 70-75 C as the radiator inlet starts to get hot.

Gentle lap of the office ring road, gentle acceleration and braking about 78-80 C so spot on.

Hard lap, full welly needle moves and definitely smelly but out with laser and still only about 80 C.
However as well as the smell got a distinct fall off in brake performance, simple its hot brakes.

Given that there are about a dozen speed bumps in 2 km its fair comment for the hard use and given drums on the back.
I also just discovered a retro fit supplemental alarm.
   Engine Watchdog
So one now winging its way over as we speak and I'll post more once fitted.

Richard B
Next . . . . . Seats I think. 

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