Sunday, March 20, 2011

Steering Wheel - DONE

Hi All,

For the regular readers, if there are any, may recall a sneak peak at some restoration work on a steering wheel. I have finally got it done and wheel in the car, very nice even if I do say so myself !

Where we started (sorry iPhone photo).

Nice but the arm is cracked 

And the wood of the rim is cracked as well.

So of to our local off road 4x4 restoration garage A2B. After much swearing and cursing about welding old and contaminated ally finally a "good" bead of weld. (Big thanks to Gareth.)

Some, okay A LOT of elbow grease with files then wet n dry from 80 grit to 1000 grit. 

All gone !

To deal with the crack in the wood, and to give my self some grip in the non power steering some scallops on the back.

Clean it all up, wax the rim and voila !

Some crackle finish paint on the boss, same as moto lita and matches to the column nicely.

All three arms were sanded and polished to bring it all to a high shine, sadly the photo's don't do it justice  but I can't be bothered to get out the soft boxes for proper photos.

The wood was also sanded and then waxed to a stunningly tactile finish.

All very nice but what does it look like in the car ?

First out with the three arm puller (nice toy by the way).

And on with the new

The mota lita the car came with was nice but this is so much better as it's period. Also it is an heirloom so a lot of sentimental value.

Hope you guys like.

Richard B.

Next . . . . . . Temp alarm once the post man comes.


  1. Hmm, after some "spirited" driving the weld cracked :-(

    Still looks lovely so will wait until I buy a TIG set and then have another go.