Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Job !

Hi All, Safety First, well that's what we always say at work and its right. Orignal she came with three point diagonal seat belts but non intertia (reel) types. These were replaced by a prior owner to inertia types but they didn't work and even on a good day fouled the hood. So first order to MOSS Europe included these, three point racing harnesses :- Sides fitted to the original mounting points. Rear drilled through the read bulkhead and supplied strengthing plates fitted. (A trunk respray with a rattle can is planned when these will be painted.) After having grown up with interia reel seatbelts harnesses feel very restrictive but also very secure and most important they LOOK COOL ! Now fingers crossed they never get needed for real. Cheers, Richard B. ..... Next on the list is Brakes and a Fire Extingusher.


  1. Hello Richard. I just traded a vespa for a 1971 MGB. Would just like too thank you for the wonderful diary you have kept. Most helpful tool i found on the web so far. Many thanks. Andy

  2. Hi Andy,

    Many thanks, I'd really recomend MG Expeience (in the links list) as there is a huge amount of info there.

    Richard B.