Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It All Started

Dear All, In the begining....Once upon a time I was an avid diver, then along came a family and a weekend away to go and play with the fishes just wasn't happening. So with much regret the dive gear got mothballed and I got a different sort of wreck (not really a wreck) to play with. She is a 1971, MGB Roadster. Model : Series III, US Specification Build Date: 1971-12-01 Original Colour: Red (Flame) Current Colour: Original Odometer: 163000 miles Engine Type: 1.8L, 4 Cyl Transmission: 4 Sync, NON Overdrive No power anything, not even a brake servo, but she is lots of fun to drive. In great condition but I know there will be lots of tinkering to do ! Cheers, Richard B.

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