Friday, January 14, 2011

Jack - New Toy

Hi All,
During all the brake work I was a good boy and she was up on stands, however they are big 6 ton ones which showed my existing jack to be not up to the job.
To weak, lowering was at one speed "terminal velocity", low lift hight, but still to high to go under front cross member, etc.. Basically I need a new jack, well that's my excuse.
Sadly there isn't a great range of suppliers out here so choices are limited, or often non exisitent.
Somebody gave me a tip about dragon mart, home of all chinese tat, however, there is some good stuff if you look.
Hopefully my new jack will stand the test of time and prove itself, so far looks very good.
Low profile, 2 TON aluminium racing jack.
Jack dismantled, two piece handle. All assembled and ready to go. Minimum height. Shaft connection and lowing UJ from the handle, nicely made. Lowered under the front cross member, lots of room. At full height, maybe enough to change a tire on a 4x4 but not a lifted one. 650AED, JZX trading, Dragonmart. Cheers, Richard B.

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