Monday, January 24, 2011

Power Probe III - aka Light Sabre

It has been often said that Lucas is the "Prince of Darkness" and in the battle agains the "Dark Side" I have got a new Light Sabre. A few weeks ago I spent a very fruitless evening with my head under the dash and in the boot trying to trace a faulty rear indicator. Multi meter, scotch pad, electra clean all in hand and let battle commence, of to trace the green and red wire ! Bulb looks okay. Wiggle wiggle, maybe a bad ground, typical with old british electrics, a bit of a clean up and ground "okay". In with the Multi-Meter I've got 12V to the bulb, what's going on. Lots more checking, swapping bulbs etc, still got 12V but no light ! After a lot more checking, wiggling, including removing the bodged remains of an old alarm I give up for the evening and resort to the font of all knowledge . . . . . . . the WWW. Yes I know your all screaming the answer at me . . . . . . AMPS, I need Voltage and Current. I should have used a test lamp to trace as it creates a load. Well I did but I have a cr4ppy one from Speedex and is less reliable than Lucas electrics so binned it and it was off to Amazon. Hence this is my latest toy... PowerProbe III It is a specifically designed meter for automotive electics (6-24v only). Connect it directly to the battery to ensure good power and ground. Testing, check to positive, 12.3V Positive Testing, check to negative, 0V Negative The best bit is that at a flick of the switch you can then supply a good power (or ground) to test the circuits. You can also directly ground and load a positive supply and this will casue the inbuilt break to trip after a second if a good supply. For the audio boys if you touch a speaker cable it will play the music over the inbuilt speaker and also hear ponints in a distributor. There is also automatic max and min voltages for tracing intermitent and starting issues.
Supplying Power Supplying a ground And the offending article tonight was . . . . . . a broken 4 way female bullet connector. So far I'm very impressed and hopefully this will give me good service fighting the good fight.
Only down side, not availible here ! WWW and then Aramex Shop & Ship. Here is the manufacturers site. Cheers, Richard B.
Next . . . . refitting the master cylinder, when it arrived.

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