Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pedal Power

Hi All, Okay, change a master cylinder, Two bolts and a clevis pin to the pedal, sounds as if it should be simple. . . . WRONG the instruction manual says "Remove pedal box complete". No way I thought, but after a couple hours of removing the skin off my knuckles I gave up hit the WWW and went back the next night and in an hour pedal box out. Only drawback is that I'll now need to rebleed the clutch, but given all the cursing at first attempt it’s worth it. Once I got the pedal box out turns out that this was an old problem for the Prior Owner and the firewall and pedal box were all worse for wear from long time leaks. However on plus side looks like the clutch cylinder is new, even had a cable tie label still on. I've been flimflam'ing on how to fix, either complete cylinder or just rebuild kit. Original thoughts were change complete but MOSS were out of stock, so then thought rebuild, but then changed again when I saw the state of neglect inside of the pedal box. So thanks to Basil Adams a new TRW/Lucas cylinder is on the way over from the states. (Basil also passed on top tip about year of build. She has an 18V series engine which was only fitted from 72, so she is probably a 72 series but built in 71 knowing sale would only be in 72. MUST watch out for that when ordering parts.) Here they all are tucked away in the corner. Quick look under and this isn't a new problem ! Clutch master cylinder, looks new. The ofending article, brake master cylinder. And this is where it all sat, nice isn't it, NOT ! Pedals Cleaned and prepped. Main pedal hanger, also cleaned. No paint stripped was used, just shows how much / long the leak has been ! All Primed and ready for top coat. Reseviour cleaned and ready for re-use. New cylinder but will try and re-use this. Pedal box top coated. All finished, now wait for the postman with presents from America and then boxing it all back up ! After that more begging to get the wife to help me bleed it all, AGAIN. Cheers, Richard B.


  1. very good pics with detail. I will do the same and use DOT 5, a silicon based brake fluid, to avoid harm to painted surfaces.

  2. Thanks, I did think about it but it is very difficult to get hold of out here.

    DOT4 is easily availible, and original spec so stops me okay.